About Us

Engin Furniture started its adventure in 1980 with our furniture store opened in the Idealtepe District of Maltepe District of Istanbul.

With the following years and a great success story, it has managed to become one of the most important store chains in Turkey today. In this story, which started as a family company under the name of Engin Çam Furniture, the partnership established with five brothers has progressed until today with determination. Continuing on its way with the name Engin, which is the name of one of the five brothers, it has reached the present day as Engin Furniture Design at the final point. After completing our first 20 years with success in our nearly 40-year history, we established the Enginde Furniture brand in the 2000s.

With the branding achieved in this way, we started the process of becoming a store chain and today we continue on our way with 15 stores. Thanks to the investments we have made in the sector, the quality we always prioritize, our work based on trust, and the customer satisfaction we give absolute priority, we have achieved to be among the leading companies by reaching such a wide point. As one of the most experienced and leading companies in the sector, we have adopted the principle of presenting to our customers by combining quality, modern understanding, functional use and fashion in all our products.

We are gradually expanding the circle of happy customers we provide with the changing and renewed understanding of retailing that we offer to our customers in 81 provinces of Turkey and in many countries of Europe. Because for our company, a happy customer is the basis of a happy store. As Enginde Furniture, we always aim to turn the wishes and dreams of our customers into reality by directing the sector with an innovative thought. Within the scope of this mission, we always continue our productions and services by making use of technology, science, art, fashion trends and modern designs.

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